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Queen of the Mississippi Cruise Review

Itinerary: Mississippi River - October 2015

Queen of the Mississippi

This was not our first sailing on the Mississippi, in fact it maybe our last. At least the last to fulfill our Bucket List. But probably we will be lured back by the pure enjoyment of the experience.

Many years ago we had sailed the Delta Queen many many times. This time since that is not an option any longer we chose with Linda's help the last piece of our full sailing of the Mississippi.

We sailed St. Louis to New Orleans, our missing piece to our Bucket List. We sailed with six of our friends who were more or less doing their first sailing on a paddlewheel.

The Queen of the Mississippi was quite a change from the old Delta Queen. This ship was spit and polish from stern to stern. We loved her. Our cabins were large and lovely, well appointed, bright, cherry. We had different categories from AAC (balcony), single balcony and Category A no balcony. Cabins don't seem to vary in size all that much, just the location on the ship and the balcony or no balcony. Our balcony was well used. Coffee in the morning, a welcome short snooze in the afternoon whenever I could fit it in. And our own cocktail hour before dinner. Sure did appreciate the luxury.

Different than the Delta Queen and difference than I understand the other company that sails paddlewheels on the Mississippi. This ship is very classic traditional paddlewheel from the outside, the inside not so much. It was lovely and modern and well appointed but it didn't have the "Mark Twain era" feel to it. A different philosophy we were told. Passengers like the more modern touches.

Food was delicious and plentiful, no one could ever go hungry on this boat. Instead of an AA meetings they should have an OA meeting (overeaters).

Nice small lounges on each deck to have quiet time. As well as Magnolia Lounge and Paddlewheel Lounge with activities at different times. Lovely top deck shaded area which was always popular at meeting other passengers. Little putting green, little fitness center.

We were the second half of the Grand Heartand Cruise which goes the whole length of the Mississippi. There were a number of passengers doing the whole river on one cruise...a 15 day affair.

Our group all had a good time. Between us all, we tasted every entree on the menus, did every shore excursion offered, heard every lecture and generally had a very relaxing enjoyable time on the Mississippi.

Thank you Linda, you were a joy to work with.

—R and C from Florida