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Star Clipper Cruise Review

July 2015

Star Clipper

We got back a week ago from truly a breathtaking adventure. We had spoken to you about our desire to visit the Greek Islands and Croatia and wanted to combine this with a sailing trip (tall ships had always been on my husband's bucket list).

We had done some research and came to you with different options You had sailed on Star Clipper yourself and give it great reviews. . Your suggestion of the Star Clipper turned out to be the BEST advice for us!

We were two couples, and we absolutely loved the trip. While the destinations were a highlight of this trip, the sailing experience aboard the Star Clipper was top notch. The sailing, of which we used sails 10 out of the 11 days, was unbelievable. When the sails were raised each time we set sail, the experience of seeing them raised, others on sailboats and yachts taking pictures of us, and having music accompany the experience, felt so spiritual it gave us goosebumps.

Richard Weiner at the wheel.

Our cabin was nice Cat 4. The ship was full, a mixture of all nationalites, Brazilian, Australian etc. Many were repeat customers. The crew was very professional and approachable and the food was very good. We had a little mishap in the dinning room where the wine steward (I don't know how) the wine bottle fell out of his hands. it did not break but red wine was all over my husband. It was handeled well with the Maitre d jumping into action.

My only complaint on the whole trip, since I am a coffee drinker, is that the coffee served was not exceptional...but rather ordinary. And this cruise was nothing but exceptional. A coffee maker in our cabin would have been nice.

Thank you again for knowing which cruise would answer our dreams. You were right on!!! We will definitely be back to Sunstone Tours for our next adventure in the near future. Please send me the Star Clipper 2016 brochure as soon as they come out.

—Susie and Richard - California