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S.S. Legacy Cruise Review

Itinerary: Columbia River - River of Wine - October 2018

S.S. Legacy

Linda, we had a ball! Not sure we remember everything we did or said for the wine flowed all day and all night.

About only time there didn't seem to be wine available was for the early morning risers and the Yoga class I took on my second morning. I believe we almost drank the equivalent of the cost of the trip. :)

Years ago we went on a ship called Cruise West for a week going to different wineries in Northern California, this is what we were looking for when we called you. We had no idea they went out of business. Can not understand why for we and everyone loved that cruise. We looked at the "wine train" but didn't interest us.

This was a surprise for our friend Mabel, for her 65th birthday. Five of us, Lauren, Susan, Meg, Susie and myself set this up for Mabel. We told her a cruise in Oregon for history, we never mentioned the VINO.

The great escape from husbands and stress of work. A guest sommelier and wine expert Sarah, were on board. Of course they were extremely knowledgeable about the wines and their regions.. We were educated and learned the methods of wine making, from the soil all the way up to the sun and the effects of the weather. We had tastings, wine tours, wine presentations, wine pairings.It was a beautiful 7 day wine tasting trip without having to worry about who is driving.

Besides the wine focus we actually got to see some pretty amazing sites and areas. We saw an amazing water fall, Multomah Falls (sp)? on our way to Columbia Gorge, Hood River wineries. We visited a small town of Walla Walla with fun shopping. We were bused to a river gorge in a state park, which had beautiful scenery. Many other visits to many other tasting rooms and wineries. Each one beautiful in their own right. The colors of the fall foliage added to the beautify of the landscape.

The ship, the S.S. Legacy was a little funky in design, historic they call it. It was the perfect size for this type of experience and the ship was not full which made it even better. We had three rooms, not next to each other and that didn't matter, the ship is small enough. There is an elevator but we didn't use it. Many of the older people needed it. It was all-in-all a ball. Wish some of the crew could have sat around and shared glasses of VINO with us, but not the way. Meg, the birthday girl said she was going to call you and thank you for all your work keeping this a surprise. Hope we get to do it again in the future.

—Signing us ... the 65th birthday girls.