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Portland to Clarkston

Columbia River: Portland to Clarkston

At a glance

Duration: 9 Days, 8 Nights

Coverage: Portland to Clarkston

From: $2,599

Season: April - November

Activities: Birding, Culinary, History

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American Queen Steamboat Company

Nowhere is the timelessness of rivers more apparent than here in the pristine Pacific Northwest, a captivating corner of America which displays an abundance of awe-inspiring, natural beauty that will leave you breathless.

Voyages on the Columbia and Snake Rivers with American Queen Steamboat Company are specifically tailored to maximize daytime river cruising for optimal viewing of spectacular scenery and iconic highlights such as the Columbia River Gorge. As you cruise past the fertile fields, impressive mountains and vertical canyons, you will bear witness to the precious land just as it appeared to Lewis and Clark in 1805 – majestic and unimaginably glorious.

Sacajawea, Lewis and Clark’s faithful Native American guide, knew how to read these lands and soon you will also, thanks to the legacy of the expedition that opened the West to settlement. As you relive the daring exploits of frontiersmen and adventurers, you are treated to the very same natural wonders. Columbia Gorge cuts through the Cascade Mountains thanks to the Missoula Floods of the last Ice Age. At Multnomah Falls, snowmelt streams plunge over 600 feet in two tiered cascades down a sheer cliff face. Deeper than the Grand Canyon, Idaho’s Hell’s Canyon is a dramatic crack in the earth with raging waters best explored on an exciting jet boat ride. Near Portland, understand the raw power of nature in the collapsed volcanic crater of Mount St. Helens. Along the Columbia River, fish ladders help salmon swim upstream while bison, deer and elk graze freely.

With the American Empress serving as a floating boutique hotel for your journey, travel into the heart of Washington’s wine country where many acclaimed wineries of the Pacific Northwest have made their mark among wine connoisseurs. Take time to explore the Red Mountain region and sample some of the finest vintages in the midst of breathtaking scenery. Whether you choose to take in the scenery from Mt. Hood’s Timberline Lodge nestled among the pines or climb the Astoria Column to view the expansive Pacific, a voyage on the Columbia and Snake Rivers will show you the world from a new perspective.

This voyage through the Pacific Northwest shows you the beauty and bounty of nature, as well as the history and heritage of the people who inhabited this diverse region. The Cascade Range separates the dense forests of the coastal regions of Washington and Oregon from the arid rolling hills and wine country the Red Mountain region. You will experience both climates on this voyage sailing west via the scenic Columbia River Gorge, the only break in the Cascades between British Columbia and Southern Oregon. At each port, you can embrace the culture and history of this region on an included shore excursion, such as a guided tour of Nez Perce National Historical Park to learn about the Native American tribe that assisted the Lewis and Clark Expedition and that still inhabits a reservation near Lewiston.

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Day 1 - Vancouver, WA

Your journey begins with a premium hotel stay in Vancouver.

Enjoy your complimentary stay at the Hilton Vancouver Hotel. The evening is yours to venture into the city and independently explore local attractions.

Our Hospitality Desk will be located in the hotel for your convenience between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.. It is here that our friendly staff can assist with everything from general questions about your upcoming voyage to reserving Premium Shore Excursions. An American Queen Steamboat Company representative, as well as a local representative, will be readily available to provide you with dining, entertainment, and sight-seeing suggestions so that you may maximize your time in Vancouver.

Day 2 - Vancouver, WA

Depart 6:00 p.m.

If you didn’t have a chance to check-in on the first night, the hospitality desk will be open today between 8:30 AM and 12:00 PM at the official Pre-Cruise hotel. During the easy check-in procedure, representatives will arrange your transfer to the vessel and answer questions regarding your upcoming voyage. The process is simple and will have you back to exploring or relaxing in no time. If you think of additional questions, the hospitality staff will be at your service until the transfers begin to take you to the American Empress.

Day 3 - Astoria OR

Astoria is known to be the oldest American Settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. For thousands of years, Clatsop Indians inhabited the lands that are now known as Astoria. In 1805, Lewis and Clark led their expedition through the town and spent the winter at Fort Clatsop. In 1813, a British warship sailed into the Columbia River, gaining possession of the city and holding control until 1818, when they finally agreed to a joint occupation of the land. The British did not fully leave Astoria until 1846. There is no doubting the rich history has deep roots grounded in this Columbia River town. When the history combines with the scenery, the harmony will surely bring you back for more!

Visit the Astoria Column for mesmerizing views of the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean.

Day 4 - Stevenson, WA

Witness the beauty and bounty of nature as you tour the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center and Bonneville Dam or journey to the cascading waters of America’s most scenic waterfall, Multnomah Falls, on a Premium Shore Excursion.

Day 5 - The Dalles, OR

At the end of the overland Oregon Trail, The Dalles holds a unique place in history as a jumping-off spot for pioneers, soldiers, gold miners, adventurers, gun-slingers, floozies, and scallywags. Lewis and Clark camped at this location at Rock Fort Camp during their historic journey in 1805 and 1806. Fort Dalles was established in 1850. Oregon Trail pioneers ended their overland journey at The Dalles, forced to build rafts and take the “river road” west to Fort Vancouver, then into the Willamette River valley. Ten thousand years of Native American trading took place on the banks of the Columbia River, shaped by the Ice Age Missoula floods. The town was located at the foot of a series of dangerous rapids which the Hudson’s Bay Company fur traders called “The Dalles of the Columbia.”

Day 6 - River Cruising

Behold the beauty of nature as you enjoy a day of scenic river cruising. Picturesque canyon walls and fascinating volcanic formations will keep you guessing as to what lies around the next bend. As you wind through the dramatic mountains and forested ridges of the great Pacific Northwest, join our Riverlorian on-deck for insightful and entertaining narration.

Day 7 - Richland, WA (Tri-Cities)

Richland is located near the confluence of the Yakima and Columbia Rivers, the northern most point reached by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805. First incorporated in 1910, Richland remained a small agricultural community until the Army acquired it and 670 square miles of adjacent land in 1943 as the site of the Hanford Engineer Works which was used to produce plutonium during World War II and the Cold War. Today, the historic B Reactor and other important historical venues are part of the new Manhattan Project National Historic Park. The city is also home to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and a branch campus of Washington State University.

Day 8 - Clarkston, WA

Nestled at the union of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers in southeast Washington, Clarkston is the gateway to North America's deepest gorge, Hells Canyon on the Snake River. The picturesque vistas, year-round mild climates, and a deep history make this scenic inland port a more-than-desirable stop! Spend the day following the footsteps of the historic Lewis and Clark journey – where the city received its name. This incredible city is filled with artifacts and stories that depict the journeys of famous explorers. Clarkston has the ideal climate for visitors to enjoy countless activities including fishing, scenic walks along the trails, shopping, and exploring!

Day 9 - Clarkston, WA

Disembark 8:00 a.m.

Enjoy Clarkston at your leisure or consider a Post-Cruise Premium Shore Excursion with airport transfer.

Note: On reverse itineraries, your first night will include a luxury hotel stay in Spokane, WA. Day 2, you will embark on your cruise, following the itinerary above in reverse (minus the pre-cruise hotel stay listed).

Portland to Clarkston

Dates & Rates

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Dates Departure Location E D C B A LS CS
Mar 31, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $2,599 $2,699 $2,799 $3,799 $4,199 $6,299 $4,199
Apr 7, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $2,599 $2,699 $2,799 $3,799 $4,199 $6,299 $4,199
Apr 14, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $2,999 $3,099 $3,199 $4,399 $4,799 $7,199 $4,799
Apr 21, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $2,999 $3,099 $3,199 $4,399 $4,799 $7,199 $4,799
Apr 28, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,399 $3,499 $3,599 $4,899 $5,399 $8,099 $5,399
May 5, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,399 $3,499 $3,599 $4,899 $5,399 $8,099 $5,399
May 12, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
May 19, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
May 26, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Jun 2, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Jun 9, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Jun 16, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Jun 23, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Jun 30, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Jul 7, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,399 $3,499 $3,599 $4,899 $5,399 $8,099 $5,399
Jul 14, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,399 $3,499 $3,599 $4,899 $5,399 $8,099 $5,399
Jul 21, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,399 $3,499 $3,599 $4,899 $5,399 $8,099 $5,399
Jul 28, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,399 $3,499 $3,599 $4,899 $5,399 $8,099 $5,399
Aug 4, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Aug 11, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Aug 18, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Aug 25, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Sep 1, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Sep 8, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Sep 15, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Sep 22, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Sep 29, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Oct 6, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Oct 13, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Oct 20, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $3,799 $3,899 $3,999 $5,499 $5,999 $8,999 $5,999
Oct 27, 2019 Vancouver, WA to Clarkston, WA $3,399 $3,499 $3,599 $4,899 $5,399 $8,099 $5,399
Nov 3, 2019 Clarkston, WA to Vancouver, WA $2,599 $2,699 $2,799 $3,799 $4,199 $6,299 $4,199

Fares quoted are in U.S. dollars, are per guest and based on double occupancy with the exception of category CS. Port Charges: $179.


American Empress

American Empress

Proudly serving as the largest overnight riverboat west of the Mississippi River, the American Empress delivers classic elegance and modern luxury on a grand scale. One step onboard and you will quickly discover that there is far more to this vessel than her welcoming appearance and signature red paddlewheel. View ship details...

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