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Antarctica - The White Continent

Antarctica - The White Continent

Book select departures by July 31, 2019 for free round-trip economy group airfare between Miami and Buenos Aires (or Santiago). Ask about other U.S. gateways. Subject to availability, and may not be combined with other offers and pre- and post-extensions. Call for details.

Lindblad will cover your bar tab and all tips for the crew on all National Geographic Explorer, National Geographic Orion, and National Geographic Endurance voyages.

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Duration: 14 Days/11 Nights

Coverage: Roundtrip Ushuaia, Argentina

From: $13,890

Season: January - February, November - December

Activities: Kayaking, Photography, Zodiacs

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Lindblad Expeditions in Partnership with National Geographic

Active, immersive expedition travel

Exploring Antarctica in an authentic expedition style, aboard an authentic expedition ship is an incomparable experience, and your guarantee of an in-depth encounter with all its wonders. Lindblad Expedition’s pioneering polar heritage and 50 years of experience navigating polar geographies is your assurance of safe passage in one of the wildest sectors of the planet. Our veteran polar expedition team enables you to:

  • See more of the legendary landscapes and habitats
  • Encounter iconic penguins, leopard seals, and marine mammals
  • Kayak among icebergs, Zodiac cruise past resting leopard seals, and hike on the continent with the best ice team on Earth
  • Experience the seldom-seen Antarctic undersea, too––through the efforts of our undersea specialist
  • Benefit from our 175 collective years of Lindblad-National Geographic expedition experience to see and do all you came for and more.

Have up-close, personal penguin encounters

Travel with virtually any company to Antarctica, and you will see penguins. They are the citizens of the white continent, present in astounding numbers, and endlessly fascinating. Travel with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic, however, and you’ll travel equipped for up-close, personal encounters—with a fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks to enable you to get closer. And a team of engaging experts that enable you to spend more time enjoying penguin society, and understand more of the adaptations that enable these remarkable animals to survive their environment.

Take advantage of all the superb photo ops

You’ll have a National Geographic photographer as your traveling companion, to inspire you and provide tips in the field. And the services of a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor, as well—to help you turn your point-and-shoot camera into an “aim and create.” You’ll find no end of subjects and the help you need to return home with your best photos ever.

Every day is active and engaging

You’ll get out on adventures every day we’re in Antarctica, sometimes twice a day—to walk or hike, kayak or Zodiac cruise among the bergs. Because National Geographic Explorer has a fleet of both Zodiacs and kayaks, the entire expedition community can embark at once on forays, no waiting around for returning parties. You’ll have a choice of activities each day, and the option to join the naturalist whose interests mirror yours. Choice also includes opting to enjoy the view from the bridge, the all-glass observation lounge, the library or the chart room. To visit the fitness center with its panoramic windows, or ease into the sauna or a massage in the wellness center.

Travel in excellent company

Explore under the sure guidance of an expedition leader, eight veteran naturalists, a National Geographic photographer, plus a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor, an undersea specialist, a Global Perspectives guest speaker, a video chronicler, and a wellness specialist. Their knowledge and passion for Antarctica is the key to your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Important note:

  • Guests traveling aboard National Geographic Explorer will fly to and from Ushuaia via Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Guests traveling aboard National Geographic Orion will fly to and from Ushuaia via Santiago, Chile.

Extraordinary adventure is a guarantee on all of our Antarctica expeditions. Flexibility is a hallmark of our explorations, and often the shipboard day-by-day itinerary will change—so we may take full advantage of rare wildlife sightings, watching whales feed off the bow, or perfect conditions for a late day kayaking excursion.

Day 1 — U.S./Fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina (Explorer) or Santiago (Orion)

Depart U.S. this evening on an overnight flight to Buenos Aires (Explorer) or Santiago (Orion)

Day 2 — Overnight Hotel in Buenos Aires (Explorer) or Santiago (Orion)

Guests traveling aboard National Geographic Explorer arrive this morning in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, set on the Rio de la Plata, and check in to the fine Sofitel Buenos Aires (or similar). In the afternoon, we have a guided overview of the city, seeing its Beaux Arts palaces, grand boulevards, and the famous balcony forever associated with Eva Peron. In the early evening we gather for an informal reception and a drink at the hotel. (Day 2: L)

Guests traveling aboard National Geographic Orion arrive today in Santiago. We check in to the fine Grand Hyatt Hotel (or similar), centrally located in Santiago, and have the morning to relax. Santiago is nearly surrounded by the Andes, which form an inspiring backdrop to our afternoon guided overview of this vibrant city. We explore the Plaza de Armas, the main square, and nearby Presidential Palace, enjoying wonderful views from the many hills that dot the city. In the early evening we gather for an informal reception and a drink at the hotel. (Day 2: L)

Day 3 — Fly to Ushuaia, Argentina/Embark Ship

Today we fly by private charter flight to Ushuaia, Argentina. Guests traveling aboard National Geographic Explorer will from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Ushuaia to embark the Explorer; and guests traveling aboard National Geographic Orion will fly from Santiago, Chile to Ushuaia to embark the Orion. This morning's charter flight will bring us over Patagonia before landing in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. If the weather is fine, you'll have a chance to view the spectacular mountains rising out of the Beagle Channel as you enjoy lunch on a catamaran cruise. Then, you'll embark the expedition ship and set sail, (B,L,D)

Day 4 — At Sea

We awake this morning well into our journey across the Drake Passage. Lying between Cape Horn and the Antarctic Peninsula, the Drake holds a unique place in maritime lore. Sometimes misty and gray, other times calm and clear, crossing the legendary Drake Passage is unforgettable - a milestone in any adventurer's personal travel history. (B,L,D)

Days 5-10 — Antarctica

With nearly 24 hours of daylight, we make the most of our days, keeping a flexible schedule to take advantage of the unexpected — perhaps watching a 40-ton whale surface off the bow. We are out daily. One day, you may take a Zodiac foray amid towering bergs under a bright sun, walk along the shoreline amid a huge penguin colony, hike to a summit for a breathtaking view, or kayak along a cliff-side rookery in search of blue-eyed shags. And the next, you’ll have the thrill of watching the ship crunch through the pack ice, or step ashore to the cries of thousands of gentoo penguins. You’ll learn from our experts how to identify penguins and get photo tips from a National Geographic photographer while watching those same penguins. Back aboard, our Undersea Specialist may present video from that day’s dive — rare images taken up to 1,000 feet below the surface using our ROV. Our expert staff will craft an expedition where you will learn more, see more and experience more. (B,L,D)

Days 11-12 — At Sea

As we sail back to Ushuaia, an albatross or two may join the avian escort of seabirds that cross our bow, and our spotters will keep an eye out for marine life. There’ll be plenty of time to enjoy a wellness treatment, log some time in the gym, or catch up on the book you haven’t had a minute to read. Talks from our staff will reflect on all you have seen and learned.(B,L,D)

Day 13-14 — Disembark Ushuaia/Fly to Buenos Aires (Explorer) or Santiago (Orion)/Home

After breakfast, we disembark in Ushuaia with some time to explore before proceeding to the airport for our LAN charter flight (guests on Explorer fly Ushuaia to Buenos Aires; guests on Orion fly Ushuaia to Santiago.) Please confirm departure and arrival cities with an Expedition Specialist before booking your flights. (Day 13: B,L)

Antarctica - The White Continent Itinerary Map

Please note: All day-by-day breakdowns are a sampling of the places we intend to visit, conditions permitting.

Dates & Rates

Book select departures by July 31, 2019 for free round-trip economy group airfare between Miami and Buenos Aires (or Santiago). Ask about other U.S. gateways. Subject to availability, and may not be combined with other offers and pre- and post-extensions. Call for details.

Lindblad will cover your bar tab and all tips for the crew on all National Geographic Explorer, National Geographic Orion, and National Geographic Endurance voyages.

Special Offer

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Dates Ships 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 Single / SA 3 Single / SB
Nov 27, 2019 NG Explorer $14,580 $15,690 $16,150 $17,380 $20,990 $23,940 $27,930 $19,600 $20,190
Dec 7, 2019 NG Explorer $14,580 $15,690 $16,150 $17,380 $20,990 $23,940 $27,930 $19,600 $20,190
Dec 9, 2019 NG Orion $14,880 $15,990 $17,810 $21,520 $24,610 $28,650 $22,310 $26,710
Dec 17, 2019 NG Explorer $15,740 $16,930 $17,440 $18,740 $22,630 $25,820 $29,990 $21,170 $21,800
Dec 19, 2019 NG Orion $16,150 $17,350 $19,220 $23,240 $26,590 $30,960 $24,220 $28,830
Dec 27, 2019 NG Explorer $15,740 $16,930 $17,440 $18,740 $22,630 $25,820 $29,990 $21,170 $21,800
Dec 29, 2019 NG Orion $16,150 $17,350 $19,220 $23,240 $26,590 $30,960 $24,220 $28,830
Jan 8, 2020 NG Orion $14,880 $15,990 $17,810 $21,520 $24,610 $28,650 $22,310 $26,710
Jan 16, 2020 NG Explorer $14,580 $15,690 $16,150 $17,380 $20,990 $23,940 $27,930 $19,600 $20,190
Jan 26, 2020 NG Explorer $14,580 $15,690 $16,150 $17,380 $20,990 $23,940 $27,930 $19,600 $20,190
Jan 28, 2020 NG Orion $14,880 $15,990 $17,810 $21,520 $24,610 $28,650 $22,310 $26,710
Feb 5, 2020 NG Explorer $14,580 $15,690 $16,150 $17,380 $20,990 $23,940 $27,930 $19,600 $20,190
Feb 7, 2020 NG Orion $14,880 $15,990 $17,810 $21,520 $24,610 $28,650 $22,310 $26,710
Nov 8, 2020 NG Explorer $14,940 $15,990 $16,550 $17,810 $21,510 $24,540 $27,990 $19,990 $20,690
Nov 18, 2020 NG Explorer $14,940 $15,990 $16,550 $17,810 $21,510 $24,540 $27,990 $19,990 $20,690
Nov 27, 2020 NG Orion $15,250 $16,390 $18,250 $22,060 $25,220 $29,370 $22,870 $27,370
Nov 28, 2020 NG Explorer $14,940 $15,990 $16,550 $17,810 $21,510 $24,540 $27,990 $19,990 $20,690
Dec 7, 2020 NG Orion $15,250 $16,390 $18,250 $22,060 $25,220 $29,370 $22,870 $27,370
Dec 8, 2020 NG Explorer $14,940 $15,990 $16,550 $17,810 $21,510 $24,540 $27,990 $19,990 $20,690
Dec 17, 2020 NG Orion $16,550 $17,780 $19,700 $23,820 $27,250 $31,730 $24,820 $29,550
Dec 17, 2020 NG Endurance $17,910 $18,450 $21,490 $24,070 $27,680 $31,830 $35,330 $26,860 $30,090
Dec 18, 2020 NG Explorer $16,130 $17,350 $17,880 $19,200 $23,190 $26,460 $30,740 $21,690 $22,350
Dec 28, 2020 NG Explorer $16,130 $17,350 $17,880 $19,200 $23,190 $26,460 $30,740 $21,690 $22,350
Jan 6, 2021 NG Orion $15,250 $16,390 $18,250 $22,060 $25,220 $29,370 $22,870 $27,370
Jan 7, 2021 NG Explorer $14,940 $15,990 $16,550 $17,810 $21,510 $24,540 $27,990 $19,990 $20,690
Jan 16, 2021 NG Orion $15,250 $16,390 $18,250 $22,060 $25,220 $29,370 $22,870 $27,370
Jan 17, 2021 NG Explorer $14,940 $15,990 $16,550 $17,810 $21,510 $24,540 $27,990 $19,990 $20,690
Jan 26, 2021 NG Orion $15,250 $16,390 $18,250 $22,060 $25,220 $29,370 $22,870 $27,370
Jan 27, 2021 NG Explorer $14,940 $15,990 $16,550 $17,810 $21,510 $24,540 $27,990 $19,990 $20,690
Feb 5, 2021 NG Orion $15,250 $16,390 $18,250 $22,060 $25,220 $29,370 $22,870 $27,370
Feb 6, 2021 NG Explorer $14,940 $15,990 $16,550 $17,810 $21,510 $24,540 $27,990 $19,990 $20,690

♦Holiday Theme sailings

Included in Cruise Fare

  • All accommodations aboard ships or in hotels per itinerary or similar
  • All meals and nonalcoholic beverages aboard ship, meals on land as indicated
  • Air transportation where indicated as included
  • Shore excursions, sightseeing and entrance fees, special access permits
  • Transfers to and from group flights
  • Use of snorkeling equipment and wet suits, use of kayaks (where available)
  • Gratuities (except to Egyptologists and ship’s crew)
  • Taxes and service charges
  • Services of a ship physician on most voyages, and services of our expedition staff

Not Included in Cruise Fare

  • Air transportation (except where shown as included)
  • Extensions, passport, visa, immigration fees
  • Scuba diving (where available)
  • Meals not indicated
  • Baggage/accident/travel protection plan
  • Items of a personal nature, such as alcoholic beverages, e-mail, and laundry
  • Gratuities to ship's crew at your discretion


National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic Explorer is a state-of-the-art expedition ship, and the latest addition to the Lindblad fleet. It is a fully stabilized, ice-class vessel, enabling it to navigate polar passages while providing exceptional comfort. It carries kayaks and a fleet of Zodiac landing craft. An Undersea Specialist operates a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and sophisticated video equipment, extending access to the underwater world. View ship details...

National Geographic Orion

National Geographic OrionDesigned and purpose built in Germany in 2003 specifically for expedition travel, National Geographic Orion was created from the outset to explore the far comers of the Earth in complete self-sufficiency. View ship details...

Land Tours

Easter Island

Easter Island

Follow your Antarctica expedition with a visit to one of the most mysterious places on earth — Easter Island. Home to silent sentinels of a long lost culture, this tiny island is located 2,300 miles west of Chile in the Pacific Ocean and almost 1,200 miles from its nearest island neighbor. Learn about the ancient Rapa Nui culture that grew up in isolation. Where did these people come from and why did they carve more than 600 giant moai or stone statues? Learn from key archaeologists who have worked on uncovering these great relics.

Day 1 — Ushuaia, Argentina/Disembark/Santiago, Chile

Today we disembark National Geographic Explorer in Ushuaia and fly to Santiago, where we check in to the Grand Hyatt Santiago Hotel. (B,L,D)

Day 2 — Santiago, Chile/Easter Island

This morning you may explore Chile’s sophisticated capital before we fly to Easter Island and check in to the fine Taha Tai Hotel, our base for the next three nights. (B,L,D)

Day 3-4 — Easter Island

Easter Island Visit the Tahai Archaeological complex and museum to learn about the pre-history of the island, and the Rano Kau ceremonial site of Orongo, sited magnificently at the very edge of a volcanic crater. Explore Ahu Te Pito Kura, Punapau red stone quarry and Ahu Akivi, one of the latest constructions on the island with seven moai 14 feet tall. See Rano Raraku, where most of the stone statues were carved. Visit Ahu Tongariki, the largest ceremonial altar in Polynesia. (B,L,D)

Day 5 — Easter Island/Santiago

We have the day to continue our explorations of Easter Island before our late flight to Santiago, connecting to home-bound flights. (B,L)

Day 6 — Arrive U.S.

Cost Per Person*

Double Occupancy - $2,690 Single Occupancy - $3,290
*To be added to your voyage cost. These costs are for the Oct. 2010-Mar. 2011 season.
Inquire for 2011/12 season costs.

Cruise Reviews

National Geographic Explorer - January 2011

National Geographic ExplorerWe had an incredible time in Antarctica. It surpassed our wildest expectations. The scientists, explorers, guides and naturalists were entertaining, extremely knowledgeable, funny and engaging. We learned much about global warming, penguins, seals, and killer whales.

View the entire review...

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