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The Great Austral Loop

The Great Austral Loop

Cruise Highlights:

  • Huge colonies of King Penguins, Elephant Seals basking on the black sandy beaches, large populations of Fur Seals and Macaroni Penguins in South Georgia
  • Hundreds of Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap Penguins, and the majestic Humpback Whales, as well as the elegant Albatros in the Falklands.

At a glance

Duration: 16 Days/15 Nights

Coverage: Roundtrip Ushuaia, Argentina

From: $10,470

Season: November-December

Activities: Kayaking, Hiking, Photography, Wildlife viewing, Zodiacs

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The Antarctic exerts the powerful attraction of the inaccessible which leads Man to become passionately engaged. One is never the same after returning from a long stay on the white continent.

For centuries, the Antarctic remained like a ghost on the map of the world, yet today the "White Continent" exerts a powerful fascination. Explored by man since only 1820, this vast icy continent offers spectacular mountain scenery, the world’s biggest icebergs and an extraordinary array of wildlife: fur seals, penguins, albatrosses, sea elephants, orcas and whales in large numbers live side by side in this grandiose landscape. Who has not dreamed of savouring that white stillness, an extraordinary spell-binding atmosphere of total serenity unequalled anywhere else on Earth. On the horizon, blocks of ice collapse into the sea forming vast icebergs of all shapes and sizes eroded by the wind and the waves.

To begin your cruise, discover the Falkland Islands and their undulating hills and verdant moors. Farther along, South Georgia is home to imposing glaciers that tilt towards the sea and the black sandy beaches play host to thousands of King Penguins, the emblem of this faraway land. Then, we will head South to discover the Northern Peninsula’s unique beauty: iridescent icebergs, floating ice fields and extraordinary marine mammals, such as the majestic Humpback Whale or Leopard Seals, playing in the ships’ wake.

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Day 1 - Buenos Aires/Ushuaia, Argentina

Day 2 - At sea

Day 3 - New Island - Grave Cove, Falklands Islands

Day 4-5 - At sea

Day 6 - Salisbury Plain - Fortuna Bay, South Georgia

Day 7 - Grytviken - Baie de St Andrew, South Georgia

Day 8 - Gold Harbour, South Georgia

Day 9-10 - At sea

Day 11 - Brown Bluff / Weddell Sea, Antarctica

Day 12 - Antarctic Sound/Deception Island, Antarctica

Day 13 - Half Moon - South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

Day 14-15 - At sea - Drake Passage

Day 16 - Ushuaia, Argentina

Dates & Rates

Dates Ships Superior DeLuxe Prestige Stateroom - Deck 4 Prestige Stateroom - Deck 5 Prestige Stateroom - Deck 6 Deluxe Suite Prestige Suite - Deck 5 Prestige Suite - Deck 6 Privilege Suite Grand Deluxe Suite Grand Privilege Suite Owner Suite
Nov 15, 2015 Le Boréal $11,570 $13,570 $15,120 $15,740 $16,400 $20,530 $25,270 $26,390 $41,860
Dec 1, 2015 L' Austral $10,470 $12,100 $13,350 $13,890 $14,460 $18,540 $21,670 $22,620 $34,690
Dec 15, 2015 L' Austral $10,670 $12,340 $13,630 $14,180 $14,760 $19,020 $22,280 $23,270 $38,100
Dec 19, 2015 Le Lyrial $14,010 $16,350 $18,130 $18,890 $19,690 $25,600 $30,130 $31,500 $36,130 $38,430 $47,450


The Great Austral Loop Itinerary Map


Le Boréal

Le Boréal

A superb mega-yacht with 132 cabins, she is the fruit of the expertise of the Italian Fincantieri shipyard and French sophistication. Le Boréal remains faithful to PONANT's philosophy - to create a unique atmosphere, a subtle blend of luxury, intimacy and well-being. Superior materials, discreet elegance and a tasteful décor combined with exterior and interior lines to reflect a nautical mood, subtly revisited. On board, soothing neutral tones are enlivened by splashes of red, our signature theme linking tradition and innovation to create personal touches in the spirit of a “private yacht”...

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